Dietitian Confessions: 5 Food Rules I Break Because I’m Human

It’s major confession time. Not sure why I feel the need to get these things off my chest, but maybe I just want to be recognized more as a human, not a robotic dietitian that surely must have it all together. Newsflash- I don’t always meal-prep and you may be surprised at some of my food habits… some I’m working hard to break, others… not so much. There’s just some things, like licking a bowl (raw egg and all) that at the age of 31 I’m just going to own. So here it goes.
1.) I eat chips, crackers and sometimes even cookies straight from the package. This is something I talk to my clients all the time about NOT doing. Do I feel like a hypocrite when I tell them this? No, because I’m honest about struggling in this area, and the fact that I struggle with it, makes me human. I do believe pre-portioning is always the best choice, especially when talking about snacky foods… but sometimes, life just happens and I find myself elbow deep in a bag of pretzels. #sorrynotsorry

2.) I eat sugary cereals… like Lucky Charms. Maybe it’s because I didn’t eat these types of cereals growing up or maybe it’s just the fact that Lucky Charms is like crack, but either way I have a magically delicious bowl kinda sorta on the reg. This one falls in the category of currently doing nothing to change this habit. I eat plenty of other colorful foods that aren’t marshmallows, so I’m going to keep enjoying this magical experience.

3.) Yet another habit that I don’t intend on breaking. This one I probably should- it’s not good and I’m in no way condoning or encouraging bowl-licking, but I do it. I’ve always done it. It’s really therapeutic and rewarding to me.. I work hard on making a recipe and I’m excited to get to the finish line. To clarify, the finish line is not the BAKED food, the finish line is the bowl of batter. And sometimes eggs are in that batter and don’t you dare shame me. For the life of me, I won’t be stopping this habit (pun intended).

This bowl happens to be delicious and egg-free. Check out my Cinnamon Sugar Chocolate Nut Stacks!

4.) I sometimes take huge bites of food. I’m not alone in this- I have a best friend (who will remain nameless but because she’s my best friend and reads all my blogs she’ll probably stumble across this) who is a dietitian and she can out-bite me any day. I know there have been occasions where we probably look like 2 monsters at meal time. This one goes under the trying to improve category. In all seriousness, this is definitely something I think is important to work on. Eating slower and taking intentional bites (not intentionally large, lol) is an important healthy habit. I don’t think it’s good that for whatever reason I enjoy putting 3 chips in my mouth instead of 1, but if I’m hangry- it’s happening. All the more reason #1 is important to work on and same thing with #5- planning ahead.

Did I just blow her cover? BTW- we got these chips for free at Whole Foods so that was our excited face- not our monster mealtime face.

5.) I don’t always meal plan. This one is an ongoing struggle in the house… because our house is like every other house- humans live here, not healthy robots. We have work, deadlines, functions, and everything else normal people have. (IMO, “normal” is just a setting on the dryer, but it’s an appropriate word to use every now and then). So sometimes dinner is a frozen meal (gasp!), a sandwich or my favorite is breakfast for dinner. Brinner has saved the day more times than I can count. And speaking of brinner- here’s one of my fav clutch meals that goes from the oven to table in under 30 minutes! 

Southwest Breakfast Sheet Pan Bake

So there it is- more than enough proof that I’m just as human as anyone reading this and definitely have some not-so-healthy habits that are what they are. I’ll keep working on becoming the best version of myself possible and I know you’ll do the same- that’s all we can ever really ask for! And when in doubt, remember to just KISS it! <3 Shannon


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  1. This made me smile!! I couldn’t agree more- I’ve def fallen victim to all of these and I too need to work on the preportioning!! It’s amazing how quickly a bag that serves 9 can disappear in front of me!!

    1. Aww, thanks, Liz! And thank you for letting me know I’m not alone in eating a whole bag of something! And how funny that we both just shared about similar experiences- Puffins for the win, huh?!

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